Diversity Trainers

Lewena Bayer
BayerLew is Director at the Center for Organizational Cultural Competence and President of Civility Experts Worldwide. She is also Distance Faculty for Georgetown Center for Cultural Competence, on the Board for the National Civility Center, and an Essential Skills Project Coordinator for Workplace Education Manitoba. Lew’s expertise is in organizational culture assessment, social intelligence, and workplace civility initiatives.

Julie Bell
BellJulie is an experienced teacher, trainer, writer, and workshop facilitator. Since 1995, Julie has provided support to immigrants in the workplace as well as to supervisors who lead diverse teams. Julie has shared her expertise through EAL instruction, diversity workshops for leadership, curriculum and resource development, and teacher training and mentorship.

Doretta Harris
HarrisDoretta is a diversity and intercultural consultant, presenter, and trainer with more than 18 years of experience in management and leadership roles. Specializing in the health and human services area, Doretta works with individuals, organizations, and communities to build cultural competence. She applies a holistic lens and integrates change management techniques to facilitate workshops and conversations.

Stephen Hayes
HayesStephen is an instructor at the University of Winnipeg where he teaches in the PACE Program. He specializes in bridging national and organizational cultures and explores issues related to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. He holds a Master of Arts in Cultural Studies, a Career Development Practitioner’s Certificate, and a Bachelor of Arts. Stephen is relentless in his pursuit of a truly global village and is a champion of the dynamism of multiculturalism.

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